Super 8
"This is absolutely the best we have seen so far in the short history of Finnish contemporary circus."
Helsingin Sanomat 31.8.2004

Classical miracles of magic, Super 8 films, electronic music and visual comedy. Super 8 is the journey of two charismatic circus artists and a composer of electronic music to the past and the present.

Magic is like memories: what has happened blends with what might have happened. Disappearance, the past and the present meet in Super 8. "We try to transform circus into something new - and hopefully that something is new circus. We bring you a magic show from a new, Circo Aereo-type perspective."

Duration: approx. 50 minutes. Suitable for audiences over 5 years old.

Premiere: on 28 August 2004, Ateneum Hall, Helsinki. In cooperation with the Helsinki Festival.

Design and performance: Maksim Komaro and Jani Nuutinen
Music: Markus Lahtinen
Lighting design: Sebastian Lamouret
Visual design: Kati Mantere
Set design: Jani Nuutinen

Production: Circo Aereo, Ateneum Hall, Cirko - Centre for New Circus, Helsinki Festival, Le Prato - Théatre International Du Quartier

The production has been supported by: the Arts Council of Finland, La DMDTS (the French Ministry of Culture), the Uusimaa Regional Fund, Compagnie DCA - La Chaufferie, Espace Périphérique de Parc de la Villette.

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